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From smaller independent businesses to large scale events such as  the Harry Potter premieres in Trafalgar Square and the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, we have created in-depth audits of health & safety management protocols. Our 20+ years of experience ensures our advice is not just professional, but complies with all laws. 

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Sudbury Tooling Company

Covid Management Plan :

  • Social distancing

  • Cleaning

  • Capacities

  • Visitors

  • What happens if they have a positive case

  • Communication with staff

Harry Potter in Trafalgar Square

  • Prepared and updated the Event Safety Plan and Risk Assessments

  • Identified Fire and emergency procedures

  • Liaison and management of contractors

  • Carried out continuous onsite supervision ensuring that the works did not impact on the public, particularly when working at height in audience areas

EO escape room .jpg

EO Escape Room, Sudbury

  • Fire risk assessment

  • Emergency Evacuation

  • Raising the alarm

  • Maintaining escape routes

  • Signage

  • Extinguishers

  • Fire advice fire wardens

2012 Olympic Opening & Closing Ceremonies

  • Production of Event Safety documentation

  • Liaison and management of contractors

  • Inspections and audits of all activities

  • On -site Safety Management throughout the event including the construction and get out of the event infrastructure

  • One of the many people responsible for putting on the only Olympic Games in history that had zero fatalities throughout.


Champions League Final, Rome

  • Worked for Champions League Partner in the Partner Arena liaising with the Italian Authorities to enable compliance with Italian fire regulations

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